Precious Metals Reprocessing Opportunities

Key Facts

  • Great Western has two principal mine waste reprocessing opportunities within its claims.
  • The optimum location for a processing site which will be suitable for all the material available is currently under review and includes the possibility of using a company-owned ten acre site at Marietta.
  • Potential to create a processing ‘hub’ for small scale projects in the region.

OMCO Tailings

At the OMCO Mine (Olympic Gold), tailings pads from previous mining are available.

An initial phase of augering resulted in 67 samples with an average grade of 1.25 g/t Au, in a range of 0.17 g/t – 3.76 g/t from 67 individual assays.

Further augering and a topographic survey ongoing.

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Mineral Jackpot Spoil Heaps

At Mineral Jackpot, 51 spoil heaps remain from previous mining.

Grab sampling has confirmed the presence of Au-Ag mineralised material.

Further representative sampling and a topographic survey ongoing.

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