Golconda, TUN Group (M6) Prospect

The M6 prospect appears to be a parallel system of multiple, oxide and sulphide, gold-silver veins and veinlet stockworks. Relatively small tonnages of supergene, multi-ounce, high-grade, bonanza-style ores were mined in the past at M6. Potential remains for moderate-sized deposits of shallow, oxidized stockworks and veins and deeper sulphide ores in the immediate vicinity of the historic M6 workings. Gold in three samples varied from 4,147 ppb Au to 9,839 ppb Au. Silver varied from 337 ppm Ag to 757 ppm Ag. Arsenic (As) and Antimony (Sb) were also strongly anomalous.

M6 has the potential to be an underground and much larger open-pit prospect.

TUN Group (M6)