Golconda, EM Group (M8)

M8 contains the historic Eastside Mine (“Eastside”), where high grade oxide copper ores were mined from shallow underground workings during World War One. Conoco investigated Eastside as a copper porphyry prospect in the early 1970's, identifying mineralisation consisting of substantial copper (Cu) and molybdenum (Mo) values. GWM has been able to obtain a substantial quantity of the data from Conoco's exploration efforts. All soil samples taken summer 2014 by the GWM field team produced strongly anomalous Cu readings, with several samples greater than 10,000 ppm Cu. Geochemical analysis conducted by Conoco in the 1970's also produced strongly anomalous copper and molybdenum readings, with high values greater than 25,000 ppm Cu and 640 ppm Mo. GWM is still assimilating data on M8, but thus far the data is sufficient to confirm at least one, potentially large, copper oxide target.

EM Group (M8)