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Trenching at RH Group - August 2020

Gold buttons

The original rock

The crushed rock

MJ soil sampling

MJ soil sampling

MJ in the snow

MJ in the snow


The Huntoon Valley Claims

“Cow Camp” North end of Huntoon Valley

M2 Drilling M2-042

M2 Drilling M2-034

M2 Drilling M2_041

M2 Drilling M2-041

M2 Drilling M2-041

M2 Cuts 1 to 4

Bass Mine/Mineral Jackpot historical workings

Bass Mine/Mineral Jackpot: Cabin under the Rock

Teels Marsh from Bass Mine/Mineral Jackpot

M2 and Huntoon Valley from M1

Drilling at M2

View from M2 looking back towards Huntoon Claims

M4 Drilling M4_05


M4 Drilling M4_05

M4 Drilling M4_01

M4 Drilling M4_04

Road under construction


Sharktooth road under construction

Organised soil sample bags

View of Huntoon road system and camp

Soil sampling at an outcrop

Copper oxide with iron sulphides and quartz specimen

Old mine adit tunnel

Copper oxide rock sample

Rocky steep drop

View from the sky

Road into Marietta

Tough Place