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Senior Management Biographies

Brian Hall - Chairman 

Brian has spent virtually his entire career in natural resources, commencing in the North Sea oil industry in the 1970s.  In 1991 he became CEO of Aminex PLC, an international oil and gas company, launching a successful venture into Russia in 1993 and distributing the exit profits to shareholders in 2001.  He has worked in many countries and has guided Aminex, where he is currently chairman, through several significant ventures.  Earlier in his career he was part of the team which developed Argyll, the UK’s first offshore producing oilfield and he subsequently founded Halyard Offshore, an oil industry services company.  By profession he is a Chartered Accountant.

David Fraser - Chief Executive

After completing a degree in Economics, David entered the City in 1982 as a commodity and derivatives broker, working for leading institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Société Générale, latterly in management roles. In 1993, he established a successful regulated corporate broking and advisory operation, which was subsequently sold to the Dawnay Day investment banking group.

David has advised smaller companies in raising private equity finance to back management buyouts and has advised on a number of transactions relating to the AIM market.

Melvyn Quiller - Finance Director and Company Secretary

Melvyn qualified as a Mechanical Engineer at Westminster University. Having spent a substantial part of his career as the managing director of the company within the 600 Group plc responsible for overseas engineering projects in the Middle East, Far East and Eastern Europe, there followed a period as CEO of a Qatari organisation providing global secure satellite and optic fibre networks from its operational centres in Eastern Europe. Before joining Great Western Mining he was involved in mineral exploration projects in Russia and the Middle East.

Robert O’Connell - Operations Director 

Robert graduated from Texas Christian University and has since gained 15 years experience in oil and gas and mineral exploration in the USA. For the last seven years he has led the surface exploration effort on Great Western’s properties.

Dr. Tom Molyneux - Exploration Advisor

Dr. Molyneux graduated with an honours degree in Geology from Trinity College Dublin, before obtaining his doctorate from the University of Pretoria. He spent over 30 years working for The Anglo American Corporation, giving him wide experience in mineral exploration including copper exploration in Mauretania, diamond exploration in Tanzania, gold geology in Botswana, Uranium in the Namib Desert and surrounds, as well as having had extensive involvement in the Bushveld Complex, and gold deposits of The Witwatersrand Basin in South Africa. Dr. Molyneux is a Fellow of the Geological Society of South Africa, and a former acting Professor of Economic Geology at the University of Washington, Seattle, from where he gained extensive exposure to base and precious metal mines in Western USA and Brazil.